Senayan City

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Senayan City is a mall a class above Taman Anggrek. This is a place where you'll most probably be able to spot socialites or even artists shop. To me this is equilvalent to Pavillion in KL with shops like Zara, Topshop, Miss selfridge and etc. Nothing very special about this place tho except it has the famous high heel escalator.

CROCS! Silvia wanted to get the purple one but they only have it in limited outlets she tried on the red and the bronze one just for kicks.

Silvia was busy talking on the phone so i began snapping every little random stuff.

Was bored and hungry so we went to Wendy's and have some frosty!

The frosty was awesome! Looks super yummy right?
There, purposely put another picture of the frosty to entice you nyehehehehe...want some?

That's all be continue


Anonymous said...

this mall is nice oh... but i didnt get to visit this one.

Alfred Chua said...

Did u try the ice-cream? it seems like Lecka-Lecka

_Da said...

Cyn: Ya the mall is pretty you should visit the next time ur there!
Alfred:! cause it was quite expensive hahaha but it does seems delicious lol.