Sunday, July 12, 2009

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

NAH UPDATE..'s the super overdue post on my Bangkok trip hahahaha.

So the next morning right after my sis's wedding, I flew to Bangkok. This is the first time I am flying alone and it's so exciting! Only manage to get less than 4 hours of sleep the night before, I went to airport looking like a zombie with unwashed hair from the night before :S

The moment I reach the hotel, I hit the sack and sleep for good ol 2 hours! And then off I went high and low looking for a place to do my hair extension. Which I really glad I did cause I am really happy with it and that was the best thing ever this year!

Here's my er. breakfast! I read about how some people totally detest airline food but I beg to differ! I think one of the thing that I look forward the most is meal time! For this, I had Omelette with cheese and hot dog, bun, yogurt and fruits. healthy healthy.

My sim pack and instead of names like Digi or Maxis, this is Happy!

This is dinner! Omg so yummy can..its like kuey teow but with a taste of sourness which i really like!
The stall where I bought my dinner (i forgot wats the name already). This is just right outside my hotel. I stayed in Citin Pratunam and it is highly recommended! Price is reasonable, location is SUPER AWESOME, and the services is just top notch. The hotel is just 5-8 mins away from Pratunam Market and Platinum Mall so you dont have to worry bit about where to shop. Believe me, this place is heaven. I repeat, heaven. Bangkok is heaven and I swear I wanna go back there again.

This is outside of the MBK area where I get my hair extension done =)

Thats all for Day One. More about it the next post. BAIII...