Spring cleaning!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I've moved! From the attic to my sister's room now cause she's er moving to KL. So I am taking over her room! It was not an easy task as I am moving into a room filled with junks. So it is taking me some time to actually arrange her things and then move some upstairs. 90% of her stuff is still in the room hence the moving is taking the whole week! It was a mess i tell you..

Part of the whole moving her things out and moving my things in chaos scene.

My massive clothes that i need to arrange back to the closet.

One of the perks of moving in to the room is now I have a bigass tv in ma room. Yay! Now you girls can come crash over my place and watch dvd's while sipping smirnoff nyehehehe.

Taman Anggrek

Saturday, March 28, 2009

So after our spa treatment in the morning we then decided we should go do some shopping ;)
Taman Anggrek, translated to "Orchid Garden Mall" in English is the one of the largest upscale shopping mall and condominium in Southeast Asia. I was quite impressed with how pretty the mall was but Silvia told me this is consider the 3rd level of shopping mall wait till I visit the other more glam malls @.@. Captionless pictures cause i am sleepy and wanna go to bed now kthxbye..

Spot the special thing abt this picture ;)

Day 4 of Jakarta

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seems like my Jakarta post takes forever to finish and I still have tons of pictures i havent blog about :/ Anyway, so on day 4 it is called the chillaxing day where both Silvia and I do not have an agenda and enjoy our life like the rich tai tais.

This is me getting my creme bath at the salon. Creme bath is when they give you hair treatment and then massage you from head to your shoulders for about an hour. Feels super good okay and the best part it is only what RM20? So cheap can diee..

I also did the manicure which only cost RM10..i repeat...10 bucks which is so awesome. So yeah, other than Dvd's manicure and hair treatment in Indonesia is darn cheap. However, I am not saying every salon is this cheap. The one that I went is near the housing area so that's why it is cheaper ;)

After the spa we went over to her aunt's house and guess what Silvia found.


Some name card she used to have like agesss ago which reminded of my high school days where everyone is crazy about. How many of you actually had something like this? I remember cynthea used to have one too something to do with Southpark right? Lol...

Nites people,

A Tuesday afternoon

1 buck for anyone who can guess this place, except for you Cynthea hahaha.

Day 3 of Jakarta

Monday, March 16, 2009

Today we're going to....Bandung!

Bandung is about 2 hours from Jakarta if you're travelling by car. It is also the heaven for factory outlets in this town and lots of yummy snack too. The road going to Bandung is beautiful as you'll see little mountains and blue skies. Silly me never manage to take any pictures of the view cause i thought it would look the same in Bandung but when I reach, it is a town very similar to Jakarta in certain ways. Going to Bandung on the weekdays is a better choice cause during the weekends it will be jam packed. Bandung is like a weekend getaway for people living in the city Jakarta, in other words Bandung is like Genting in Malaysia only they dont have casino.

Yay! We're here ;)

Our first stop was Paris Von Java, it is a new mall very similar to The Curve. I've been hearing the rave on people's blog on how good it was but it was a little dissapointing for me actually. This is a sorta posh mall not very big with lots of bistro, cafe and beautiful restaurant. The place is very nice actually but don't expect to shop here cause you can get way cheaper clothes elsewhere and there have very limited shops. But, if you're looking for a nice place to chill and relax then this is the place for you. I would recommend you to come over here at night though cause the atmosphere would be wayyy better.
Paris Von Java

Now let's talk about lunch.

This is the place where we dine - Katja Piring. It's a place that serves nyonya cuisine with very pretty interior.
For drinks I had buah kedondong(not sure if it was the right spelling). Initially I only wanted to take pictures of the drink then one of Silvia's aunt was saying it would look better if there is a real 'buah' together with it. 2 seconds later she ask the waitress to bring along the real fruit and to my surprise they said sure and even purposely decorate the fruit and put it on a plate. I was so paiseh..

This is gado gado..very similar to our local rojak.

And then we proceeded to check out the shops...

Then we met up with Mr. Thursday who is from here so he could show us around town.
Mr Thursday: Where do you guys wanna go?
Me : A place I can shop like mad and go crazy.
Mr T: Okay, there's two type; do you prefer factory outlets where every tourist go OR do you wanna visit the local designers where the locals go.
Me: Okay cool, i'll go with local designers.

So he brought us to a street with local designers shops. All of it is pretty unique and some of the shops is really cute.

our first stop. Didn't buy anything cause most of the clothes is for guys ;(

Another one with pretty signboard outside!

A 'dress up as a terrorists tee'.

Oh, and look behind us it is a moving fashion boutique! They sell their clothes in a bus! wicked!

This is one of the shops with very funky design inside the shops.

Moving to the next destination ; Prima Rasa! Prima Rasa is a shop popular for selling the yummy brownies and lots of snacks, keropok and all sorts.

Brownies in Bandung is a MUST HAVE.

Posing with tidbits from Prima Rasa. I regretted I didnt buy more sigh..

Silvia and I saw these very cute rings with our horoscope on it and then decided to buy it and then call it our friendship ring or something like that. I think we will never grow up :/
Gladiators rule!

Another famous food in Bandung is Batagor. Its like fried beef balls/tauhu/etc. They say that there's a story on Batagor of how people used to be so poor so one of the ways they could preserve the food to last longer is by frying it. That's what Enrico told me not even sure if it's true lol.

Due to time limitations I only manage to shop at one factory outlet :( So the one and only factory outlet I went is called Rumah Mode. It's one of the famous one of the whole lot and it is pretty good ;) I managed to get a top from Guess for only RM30 whahahahahaha *satisfaction.

For dinner, we went halfway to the puncak(peak) to eat at this famous place called Kampung Daun. Bandung have a lot of pretty restaurants up hill with nice atmosphere similar to lookuppoint in kl. The restaurant we went Kampung Daun is really pretty but due to my camera limitations I didnt manage to take good pictures of the place and plus it was raining that time.
Go to this blog http://www.samyeap.com/bandung-kampung-daun-restaurant-review/ to see more pictures of the place.

Here's a few picture of kampung Daun at night

*credit Wanadzra for pics.

Some hot dessert which looks good but it isn't. None of us finish the bowl.

Overall the ambience at this place is awesome but the food is just alright, nothing to be brag about. They said it used to be better but over time I guess the quality just dropped. All in all this place is not too bad. After dinner we also went up to the peak which is like 10 minutes away and the view is absolutely breathtaking! The puncak is the place where you'll be able to see the whole night view of Bandung and if you're there make sure you drop by and there'll be no regrets!