Friday, April 17, 2009

Listening to : James Morrison - You make it real

Been delaying this post since forever I think i should post this up by now ;P I think this was around mid March and my soon to be brother in law was here in KK, hence we decided to bring him to the famous Tip of Borneo in Kudat. I've always love roadtrips so no way i'm gonna miss this one ;)

The serene and peaceful landscape on the way to Kudat

My uncle's house! This is the place where i spend most of my holidays when i was a kid..sure brings back a lot of memories.

It was around noon time when we reach Kudat so..the first thing we do was to eat! I highly recommend this restaurant if you're in town. It's cheap, delicious and come in large portion!

Nah...sungai wang ;)

And then we went to the pasar nearby cause the seafood in Kudat is just much cheaper and fresher ;)

Kalerful fishhh

Typical photo to prove that "I'm Here" in tip of borneo.

Thats it about my road trip. Nothing much to blog about or maybe cause im lazy to talk about it. But I have something else to talk about..that I'm still upset about my hair! Haihs, i have never been so devastated about my hair before cause I know it will grow. But my sis's wedding is in like 2 weeks and it kills me each time when i read the magazine and saw pictures of the models with long hair..I WAN HAIR LIKE THAT! Haihs haihs..i know most of you are sick of me going on about this but I still cant get over it yet. Vanity oh vanity.

The reason why the title for this post is bittersweet is because good things has been happening to me lately but at the same time bad things as well! Like my hair is ugly now and yesterday when I was in One Borneo shopping I accidentally trip over some carpet and fell down! I scraped my knees and now it's bruised >.<>.<

Okay since a lot of people has been fussing me to show them my new hair i will..

Nah old one..a bit messy but still nicer than the current one >.<

Nah the new ugly hairdo! Tell me what you think.


Anonymous said...

your hair is fine okay.
it just looks shorter.
btw, no one's gonna notice ur hair with a hot face like that.
that's like a major compliment coming from me there.
so now you should belanja me.
i want ice cream oh.
cos its been like freakin' hot these few days!

_Da said...

OKAY BAH I OSO WAN LETS GO!! eh btw i spot a new COOL hang out place like atmosphere we sud go woot woot

Joanna said...

u look cute leh!!!! i don c any wrong with ur hair pun..... :)... eh, how's ur leg ooo? how come bruised??? aiyo... bkful ma... manala tu tempat u said cool??? hehe

Anonymous said...

i will just put an oblivion approach to your new haircut because we both share the same fate. seriously, the next time if you were to tell me that u want to go chop off your hair..i will just ask you to refer to ur unsexy picture again....bahahaha that goes vice versa...i feel like a sah man zai ah for god sake.

and the taufoo rocks! shower the gravy with rice and that brings an epitome of heaven-esss wohooo!


_Da said...

wtf i just wrote a long reply and its all gone now? Aihs anyway high five to you rockstaryee we both share the same fate sigggh.

and yes the taufu IS AWESOME. We shall all go to Sungai wang next time when ur back.

CHU:My leg is more hitam now ;( And the new place is in 1borneo!Nice view lorrrr

xrothe said...

Nice hair, and I like what you wore to the tip of Borneo. Really, how to say it ah, relaxed and rock chic.

Chic not chick. :P