more clothes clothes clothessss

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

20 more minutes! till lunch break ends..
3 hours & 40 more minutes till I go home!
5 more days till June!

*yawnss...Im so sleepy can. dit dot dit dot dit dot
I actually have nothing specific to blog about today but i'm just killing timeee...

Oh Oh i have something to talk about. The other day my cousin was telling my sister the story of her friend which is super funny. Her guy fren was flying from destination X to Y and in the airplane he was chit chatting with this Arabian fella and he was siok bercerita this and then he mentioned about his love for Samurai swords and his wholesome collections of it. Then upon arrival he was being pull to a room then he was interogated for hours inside a room with all his belongings ie hp taken away. Then later only he found out someone in the plane overheard his conversation, freaked out and then report him as a suspected terrorist...hahahhaaa.

Lesson: don't simply say things in the airplane, you'll never know what will happen.

*I was just thinnkin if ever someone ever offend you or being rude to you in the airplane then u can report him as a suspected terrorist hahahaha.

I created a quiz couple of days back on how well do you know Hilda. So far the highest score is 88% Cynthea. Well done babe! The rest buck up k... *turns head* However none of them actually knew to the question of my secret dream when I become super rich one day..of cos the rest of the answers is true lar but one particular wish that i've been wanting to do is to hire a maid just for massage hahaha..nono i think i will have a spa in my house that is more correct. That would be total bliss can. DON LAFF i know it might sound stupid but it's my dream so i can have whatever i wan.

I know some of you are waiting for my Bangkok post and I havent got around to do it yet cause I am just too busy like seriously. I have a full time job now hence whenever i get home i just wanna bum around and er be lazy. But i promise I will do it this week?okayla see how *crosses finger*

So I am broke after the Bangkok trip and I am telling myself that I won't shop till January next year and I won't be travelling anywhere else till then. So Manila will be my next stop. Oh crap I just remembered I have another ticket to Penang this Dec. Okay scrap that. I WONT BE TRAVELLING ANYMORE! So from now onwards I will be good, work hard,earn money, stop shopping all the way till Jan next year. I think I should stop shopping lar, my closet is like bursting already. The other day I was arranging my clothes and I realise the amount of my clothes has doubled in just the period of 5 months. Still, Its crazy how sometimes you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. Conclusion is, a girl can never have enough clothes. RIGHTT???? Retail Therapy is just amazinggg


Monday, May 25, 2009

Selling these brand new belts for RM22. Let me know if any of you is interested.

*the purple one is taken. The rest is still available.


Yay! Its February! NOT

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hola hola! I am back from my holiday! The holiday was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tho I was short of cash to shop tsk tsk..but I dont mind going back Thailand again! Since my Phuket trip was kinda spoil haihs... On the day I was supposed to fly to Phuket from Bangkok i fell sick. Not swine flu laaa...but i think it must be the sashimi I at Baiyoke that gave me food poisoning! ;( and then i spent 2 days in bed in the hotel out of the 3 days in Phuket. FML. sedih betull la..was so sick that i vomitted everything i ate sad thing was i had to cancel my Phi Phi island trip(paid for it dy somemore) and wasted my time there. OH WELL, at least Bangkok was fun...

Started my new job yesterday. I was feeling tired and sleepy the whole time and I was waiting for time to pass so I can quickly go home hahaha. Not because I am lazy lar okay but because I was dead tired. Hasn't get enough rest since the trip. I reached KL on sunday night and then had only few hours of sleep then rushed to the airport again back to KK then it was work again. CANT WAIT FOR WEEKEND~~~~~~~~

one pic for now..more pics next post!

Heaven...Im in Heaven~

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sawadeeekaa everyone. Greetings from Bangkok.Before i say anything else i would like to say coming to bangkok alone is not the bad afterall and it is actually quite fun and much nicer actually cause i get to go where i want and do whatever i like. I am now blogging from Emporium Mall..long story of how i ended up here and blogging instead of shopping. Not in my itinerary at all to sit down here and online and damn expensive somemore. Sigh... but my bro in law wanted to come here and meet with his frens and i had to tag along. If i knew i would've chose to shop alone in Pratunam but ANYWAY, lets talk about other things.

My first day here was TIRED cause i only had like few hours of sleep and then i had to go to the airport already. Immediately when i reach the hotel i fainted and had few hours of sleep. My plan was to get my hair done at the er nearby saloon. I went to the nearby mall and I went from level 1-6 to look for a saloon and there is none. I literally walk the whole mall desperately looking for the saloon. Halfway through was thinking if i should just go ahead and shop instead but i was so adamant in getting my hair done i actually decided to take a cab to another mall instead. Reach MBK and i was so happy that i finally found hair saloons!!! Sadly the quotations i get for hair extensions is all so expensive like 700 bucks @.@ I was so sad whenn i hear that cause i think i spent 2 hours just scouting for a place to get hair extensions. Not even in the mood to shop at all in Bangkok can you believe it.

So at the end..i took the road less taken and went out of the mall to look for a saloon and i found one! Now i have long long hair ;)

Okay lar gonna go now.

Anything laaaaaaaaaaaa

Saturday, May 9, 2009

GREETINGS from KL! Did you guys miss me???? Not like i've been away for so long anyway but just 2 days here i miss KK already. I know some of you might wanna slap me for being so dramatic but it really is hahahahhaa. I'm only here for 3 days and i tell you the schedule is crazy. I am so sorry i cant meet up with some of you as it really is hard. Had to accompany my parents to meet up the uncle aunties and then theres the pre-dinner before my sis wedding and etc. Cant believe the wedding is tomorrow already!!!

Yday i went to Ikea and i had the DAIM cake finallyyyy and it was awesome possum. I wish i can lug a dozen back. My skin isnt adjusting well to the air here ugggh..i am so paranoid okay i keep patting millions of stuff on my face its crazy. One thing i miss being here in kl is the ppl here all dresses up! its so nice you know eyeingn on what ppl wear and stuff the fashion here and all..ANYWAY gotta go! heading to Pavillion now bye bubs! MWAHSSSSSSS

BTW, theres a launching party for the magazine im working for Bandwidth on the 23rd let me know if u wanna come k!!!




Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I miss this lil monster! He's now with his mummy & daddy in China and I will only be able to see him in June...abt er 6 weeks! In the video, do you see the towel on my bed that he's sitting on? I purposely put it there! cause the day before he peed on my bed!

Nah, evidence.

But still...i miss him. Sigh..June please come fasterrr....

A certain shade of green

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Listening to : Brit & Alex - Let it go

5 more days to go! 5 more days for me to bum around and not think of anything. Aaaahh..the bliss of not working. Been spending the past weeks going shopping, movies, facials and the list goes on... why does time passes by so quickly when you're having fun?

Warisan with Cynthea

Okay so the thing is this, whenever i go shopping with cynthea each time i show her something she will go "nice!" and when I was in FOS with her I pointed at this ridiculously ugly silver metallic top and she also went "nice!". =.='''

I've been craving for Japanese food for like weeks already and when I saw there's a newly open Sushi King in Warisan, I went berserk.

Cynthea has lost a lot of weight and look she's glowing now!

Her diet? Minimize on carbs and exercise! and of course falling in love helps a little in her losing weight process.

Weeee! Me and my new sunglasses ;) so I can bergaya in Phuket *wink wink

Wisma Merdeka/Bella Italia with Dee & Vin

One of our favourite places to have dessert is in Bella Italia. They serve the best chocolate goey pudding and also Panna Cotta! my <3<3<3.>

Dee didn't like this picture and she will kill me if I post this up but there's no other nicer pic of hers here so I guess it's okay! not like she reads my blog and that she's gonna find out hehehee


Random shots.....

Me wearing Vin's glasses! Okay I don't know why I post up this pic I look like auntie here but for the sake of entertaining you all I don't mind.


Our first try with's ice cream covered with chocolate powder and peanuts. Not nice.

Was a little dissappointed this time at Bella Italia because the price has increased from RM9 to RM12 already! Not only that the portion is also smaller now! How sad..

Okay I better go finish up my article though I am dreading it cause I'm so lazy! Okay I will die if my editor is reading this and finds out I am blogging instead of doing my work :/ Well mr editor if you're reading this then HELLO! *waves

I still have tons of pictures to post..more like silly pictures so stay tuned! I will be back..