Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sigh..why lar I go and cut my hair....I am like burying myself in regrets now. So siok siok go and ask for a haircut and now my hair look like crap and its shorter! and sis's wedding is like in 2 weeks! AH! the horror omg omg omg..sad sad sad. My hair seriously look crappy now...the saddest part is that it's shorter omg. I was looking at the fashion magazine and all this models have super long and nice hair makes me feel even stupid for cutting it! Uggghh.. I think I wont be able to stand it and I am so gonna get hair extensions! If its not expensive la I WILL! Haihs...sad sad. bye bye hair.


i n d e n said...

ui woman. when did u cut la? last night we met ok oni aarr...cute! ;p

eh wait, u just chop it today kah? oh no. the wedding! 0.o


_Da said...

HAHAHA...its bad thats why i pin it up so u dont see the difference! But seriously i look so odd with the hair down ;(