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Monday, April 6, 2009

Finally I am able to go online in the comfort of my bedroom ;) All these while I had to share the computer upstairs with my family in this house and we had to take turns. Anywaayyy i am starting to love staying in this room now with the bigass tv biggass closet and now being able to online again here. Simple things like this makes me really really happy ;)

I will be flying again next month to KL for my sister wedding then to bangkok n phuket right after. It's a mixed up feeling that I am feeling right now...excited and yet gloomy. I bought the ticket last dec and it only cost RM150 to bangkok aint that awesome? yes yes...think about the shopping and the food there already make me go goo goo gaa gaa..Unfortunately, my cash has been drying up...more like dried up to be exact. I kinda went over board when i went shoppin in Jakarta in February.Sigh... To put myself in the best shopping location but yet no money is not exactly the best idea.

anyhoooooo...I am going for a walk in interview tomorrow for the post event coordinator. Am looking forward to it so wish me luck!


Hannah said...

wuwuwuuuu....all the best bebeh!u can do it!

_Da said...

thx babe!

Anonymous said...

how was the interview babe?

_Da said...

It was good but thought i could've did better hehe..well jus hope for good news!Pray for me

Alfred Chua said...

"Can you describe about yourself?"
"Where do you see yourself in the future?"
"Why should we hire you?" Etc Etc

Aiya... All Qs are Kacang Putih for Hilda. You sure get the job one.