Lyte funkie ones

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Had my first official photoshoot on Sunday! Twas fun, fun, fun! although it didn't turn out as expected. Halfway while I was doing her makeup it started to pour! So we didnt manage to shoot at STAR as planned. But we have our ways! Here's a teaser photo :) I'll upload the rest when Im done with the editing.

nites peepo!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Must must clean up the room by tonight!

A knock at midnight..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Again, blogging at such hour of the day. I guess my inspiration to blog only comes forth during odd hours heh.

You know how when you reach this age when everyone of your friends is either attached or getting married or etc etc and you find yourself at home during weekends with no where to go, no plans and itinerary cause everyone else is just busy with their own set of things! And then people around you starts throwing questions like "Why are you still single?"(of cos they wont ask this directly but the kind of questions they throw at you, you know indirectly that's what they meant). I cant deny that there are times the social pressure is getting on me. Really, it hits you at times you wish there is someone special right there. But really, I don't think it's right to find someone to be there just to ease the loneliness inside you or to jump at anyone that comes along. To me it will be just like a joyride.. Cause I know of people who jumped into a relationship too quickly and one of the party ended up cheating on the other. I am not saying that just because of one or two cases applies to all but really, as fast as it comes, as fast as it will go away. Don't jump into the bandwagon just because everyone else is doing so..

Here I am celebrating Single-hood! while I can =)

Have a great weekend everyone!


P/s: I am not saying that I won't want to fall in love or anything like that it's just that I think to get into a relationship isn't hard but to stay in one really, is the real deal.

Starbucks Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino at home =)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I've been craving for Starbucks for a while now.. and just for kicks I google for the recipes and taadaa!

Its just a half glass of nonfat milk. 3 spoon fulls of Chocolate syrup and 3 spoon fulls of chocolate chips. And don't forget to had a little vanilla and ice and then blend. There is no caffeine that's a Java Chip Frappuuccino.

Source(s):Starbucks Barista

Awesome possum. So tonight I'm gonna try that out and see how it turns out. *Fingers crossed!

Coming clean..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Its 3am in the morning now and seriously at this hour I should be sleeping and yes I am terribly sleepy now. But no, I aint sleeping now cause I am having this sudden adrenaline rush to blog! At such odd hours :S

Here I am back to blogspot again, didnt have much enthusiasm to blog with xanga! Maybe I am just lazy = ) Pardon the bad grammar or speeeeling in this post if there is any, its 3 am in the morning anyway!

I think I am sick of pretending that everything is alright. In reality it isnt. I thought I was over it, it was the case until I saw the picture of you and her together..that makes my heart ache. and thats when I know things are not fine between us. or at least for me. I thought I've moved on, I thought everything was alright.

I remember you said "I'll do whatever it takes, To turn this around, I know what's at stake, I know that I've let you down, And if you give me a chance, Believe that I can change, I'll keep us together whatever it takes"

It hurts me to know that you move on so fast. That it only took months to replace what we used to have. Maybe just maybe its just me hanging on to something that doesnt work anymore.

I've been acting like everything is alright, that I've let go and moved on just so... I don't feel the pain.

Maybe just maybe acknowledging the pain is actually easier to take than pretending you're alright after all. I think I am giving up. It's time to move on really. and this time, its for real.

Moving on.