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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I cannot sleep! Not that i am having insomnia but because I just ate roti like 5 mins ago & if I sleep now then the food won't be able to be digested properly and in return I will be fat! Okay I know I am being too conscious about it but seriously my appetite has been crazzy lately like I would eat every 2 hours! And just now while I was watching my fav 11pm show my mind was battling IF i should have the Damai bread while watching the show. For half an hour okay my mind was battling like it was between a life and death issue. Then I thought my appetite has really gone mad cause weeks before this I would exercise while watching the show! And NOW, I would snack and laze on the bed while watching TV instead!

So, I came with a conclusion...I should exercise first half of the show and perhaps after that my appetite will be gone. Sure enough, halfway through I don't have my cravings already! *clap clap I am so proud of myself =) Sad thing is.. it only last for 5 minutes until that KFC advertisement came up! *then the mind battles again....

At the end I conclude that I should layan my cravings and eat!From 2 slices to 1 slice so I guess it's not so bad after all. I super fail in self control horr...woe is me.

So there you go, my story of the day. I know you all don't read one lar...nah pictures.


Happening party.. Got clowns, got balloons, got magic show, cool people and also got Akon.

Mr Akon and Cynthea James

Shoes for the day.

The clown so nice leh..he was showing off by making very creative and pretty balloons and everyone was looking in amazement at his skills and keep complimenting him. And when he finished he hand over the balloon to me! I was seriously happy okay cause I think it's so cute and I was like nah see you all don't have Boo! And then someone spoil it and say I got it cause I look like a kid thats why he gave it to me. Cheh, jealous.

See everyone act so glam and so si-man in all the pictures..and i decided to go against it.


If you are broke or short on cash or not willing to spend or stingy like me but still wants to go out for a drink then you should do it this way, Go atmosphere on a Thursday! 9pm-11pm(ladies nite) and you don't have to pay a single cent and yet get to enjoy in a cosy place. Got free valet parking somemore where else can get? Moments like this I thank God I am born a female cause I get to enjoy perks like this..



Joanna & Racheal performed in the drama! So of course we gave our support and they did very well and at the end of the show when Joanna was walking down from the stage I thought she looked so graceful and thin! Only when I read her blog where she tell the story of her taking off her shoe halfway during the choir performance I go =.=''' graceful all gone liao.


Racheal bergaya, like got wind effect somemore.

Racheal & I.

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Rouselle & I. See my hand placement? Thats my new technique of disguise haahahaha n order to make my arms look thinner and longer.

Okay finish bai bai....zzzzzzz now!


Anonymous said...

not sure if you pick only nice pictures but u definitely lost weight bahaha

xrothe said...

You are not even fat. :/

Anonymous said...

ahahhahahahhahahah maybe its pms...
thats why u suddenly cant control ur cravings...

btw, i miss akon! i think he was the 2nd highlight at dylan's party apart from the clown... hahaha!

Hannah said...

SDD short hair nice!
I miss you babe! sob sob

_Da said...

Anonymous : Hahahaha...yes i lost 2kg but if im not controlling it my weight can go pop! up again very fast.Btw, who r u anonymous lol ;)

xrothe: Hahahahaa...

Cynthea: Ya, he was the highlight okay! The star of the day ;)

Hannah : Yah, its wayyy nicer than the old haircut HEHE

Joanna said...

eh my feet really pain like cramp lo... if really cramp later i fell down the stage how... dat time no more graceful lo :p haha!

ya i guess ur gonna pms... don worry we go jogging this weekend and burn all that we ate hahahaha! :p