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Friday, April 10, 2009

*yawns...I pratically did nothing today except lazing on my bed watching Gossip Girl and answering some really lame but ridiculously funny quiz in facebook. Like one of this :

Ngia ba he lam han di he ngi ?(Is your father a male or a female)

So bored! Nothing much to look forward to except that I am going to jog later at 4.30! I think the only thing that makes me feel alive at the moment is working out. I've managed to lose 2kg in 2 weeks but i've been eating wayyy too much lately since the karambunai trip. Imaggine me having buffet breakfastt and then buffet lunch again...this is not a good sign :S

I have exact one month's time to look good and work on my arms, thigh and flat stomach before my sister's wedding cause I'll be the maid of honor! Hence I have been diligently going for jogs which I think many of you guys are shock by my level of commitment to it cause before this exercise is the last thing I would do. It would take as much energy to move an elephant in order to make me exercise. So I guess this is a good change! finally I can mark an x on my new year resolution list after so many years.

Been playing this song on loop for few days now (Angels on the moon - Thriving Ivory). Go listen if you haven't cause it's just sooo good.

I've been craving for ice cream since yesterday! Okay I am so gonna go McD later after jog..aihs, how to lose weight like that. Nevermind lar I shall run 8 rounds today instead of the usual 4-6 and I guess i deserve a little reward right. Since I can't have my cravings now just yet i shall tempt you with all these yummy pictures too so you will be hungry just like me and then put on some weight so at least I am not alone in the same dilemma..lol.

Ice sticks in Disney! See got Mickey Mouse shape some more so cute like that.

Mom just make gingko barley tong sui and i am having it right now..haihs how to lose weight liddat tell me tell me.

Krispy Kreme! I am so happy to hear that finally they open one in Malaysia like after soo long. I am so gonna go Times Square next month.

Mango loh! Now drool......

This one is for all the sabahans who is now in overseas ;) Ikan panggang,wo tek, sui jiao, kai yit,satay....

Sushi in abundance!

See so yummy right? Sigh, just finish my gingko barley and I am feeling hungrier instead I think karma bites, trying to tempt you guys ended with myself eating more. Okayla bai bai I am gonna go look for some more food! Now GO EAT! so I won't be the only one eating and gaining the extra pounds HEHEHE


Anonymous said...

glorious food.............!

_Da said...

yay............ ;)

Joanna said...

i wan to go jakarta!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all these foods just increase my appetite....... im sure gona gain at least 5 kg if i go there hahaha!

_Da said...

HAHAHAHA all these food is not from jakarta but from everywhere from kl to hk hahahaha