Taman Anggrek

Saturday, March 28, 2009

So after our spa treatment in the morning we then decided we should go do some shopping ;)
Taman Anggrek, translated to "Orchid Garden Mall" in English is the one of the largest upscale shopping mall and condominium in Southeast Asia. I was quite impressed with how pretty the mall was but Silvia told me this is consider the 3rd level of shopping mall wait till I visit the other more glam malls @.@. Captionless pictures cause i am sleepy and wanna go to bed now kthxbye..

Spot the special thing abt this picture ;)


Anonymous said...

couple wearing doraemon shirts hahaha so cute!

Hannah said...

yaya!! Hahahah...so cute!

_Da said...

Eh notice juga ar hahahha...cute kan i was like fast fast snap the pic hahaa