Jakarta Day 1

Sunday, March 8, 2009

So here's the long awaited post about Jakarta. Honestly, I don't think i've took a lot of pictures this trip reasons being
1. Too caught up with shopping
2. Too lazy

To start off with, this trip to Jakarta is totally unplanned and very spontaneous. I didn't expect much in the beginning as my first intention is just to spend some time with Silvia and do 'some' shopping and most importantly is to eat as much as Indo food I can. I was seriously craving for Indonesian food as KK doesnt have any! I used to have a lot of Indo food when I was in KL cause it is so good...

24th February 2009 - Day 1

Flight at 9.35pm, check in at 7.40pm. One thing I hate about flying so much is the need to check in early! Was so dead bored waiting to board as I am flying alone this time. Played tetris on my phone all the way to kill time and thank God for.....Ipod.

I reached Jakarta around 11pm(their time). Indonesia is an hour behind us and the flight from KK to Jakarta takes about 2 hours and 40 mins which is pretty much the same like flight to KL.

Here's my very hodoh face up in the plane so very bored and ended up snapping stupid pictures in the loo.

Reaching Jakarta in one piece.

Lookee..first thing I notice was this sign. Toilet in Indo is called kamar kecil(small room lol)..so cute. Took this while waiting for Silvia while she was in the loo. Before she went in she was like "wait for me here okay, and don't talk to strangers!"

A lot of people have the thought that Indonesia is a very dangerous country (at least most people I know thinks so) after what happen during the '97 but fret not its not as bad as it seems. Surprisingly I still feel as if i haven't left Malaysia when I'm in Indo.

Thats all for day one guys. Will continue tomorrow for day two.




Hannah said...

go toilet also want to bring camera... -__-''''''

_Da said...

eh i din go in larr...i was waiting outside

Hannah said...

"Here's my very hodoh face up in the plane so very bored and ended up snapping stupid pictures in the loo." -_-'''

_Da said...

Ohh..that one...yalah cause i sitting alone ma..if i go toilet i bawa my whole bag jus in case

Anonymous said...

i miss jakarta. i wanna go againnnnnnnnnnnnnn