Day 4 of Jakarta

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seems like my Jakarta post takes forever to finish and I still have tons of pictures i havent blog about :/ Anyway, so on day 4 it is called the chillaxing day where both Silvia and I do not have an agenda and enjoy our life like the rich tai tais.

This is me getting my creme bath at the salon. Creme bath is when they give you hair treatment and then massage you from head to your shoulders for about an hour. Feels super good okay and the best part it is only what RM20? So cheap can diee..

I also did the manicure which only cost RM10..i repeat...10 bucks which is so awesome. So yeah, other than Dvd's manicure and hair treatment in Indonesia is darn cheap. However, I am not saying every salon is this cheap. The one that I went is near the housing area so that's why it is cheaper ;)

After the spa we went over to her aunt's house and guess what Silvia found.


Some name card she used to have like agesss ago which reminded of my high school days where everyone is crazy about. How many of you actually had something like this? I remember cynthea used to have one too something to do with Southpark right? Lol...

Nites people,


Anonymous said...

day five please! hehehe
yeah i know those name card thingy..
people go crazy over them n that includes me! hahaha i wonder where are all my name cards have gone? i think i mustve thrown them away already.