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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Warning : Bimbo post ahead

Had an eventful weekend just relaxing at home yesterday and then went dinner with Racheal, Joanna, Charissa,Derek, Rouselle & Danny. It wasn't in the plan initially but Charissa texted us all the night before saying that she has extra tickets for a table for the Hakka organisation dinner and off we went ;) It was a pretty interesting event lol ;) *Joanna & Rach: you all know what i'm talking about right hahahaha*

After dinner, Racheal, Joanna & I went to meet up with Hannah & Sing Yee at Tg. Aru as we've wanting to hang out at the beach. We ended up taking a lot of pictures at the beach, mostly silly pictures consists of us jumping, turning, doing splits and etc. Was slightly annoyed/scared halfway as there's the bunch of mat rempits nearby. But thank God they went away after that. I remembered Adam told before about his encountered at Tg Lipat with some pilaks few weeks ago. He and his friends were walking along the beach side and suddenly there's this 2 guys went over to the 5 of them and start punching his friends for no reasons. Then he realises they were high on drugs @.@ scary...

anyway, pictures time!

Second day of CNY at Fui Lei's house

Preparing to go out for the dinner!

Earings, check!

Outfit for the night, pink dress with white stripes

Dress : Amour Taipan, RM30
Belt : Sungei Wang, RM12.90

I also painted my nails, and it complements my dress very well woohooo...

Okay, nails so nice must take a picture ;)

One not enought die die also must take a lot of picture.

Another one, hoho *admiring at my nails *.*

I haven't trim my bangs for 2 months now and it has grown till so long its covering my eyes.

Okayla enough of my bimbo pictures already else you guys will die soon. Here's Joanna & I at the dinner.

And a few dose of baby Nicholas!

Outfit for today:

Wearing :
Long beige colour knitted top = Rm10 only! from some $10 in Times square. I love that place for shopping! So many nice and cheap stuff.
White spaghetti top(American Outfitters) = RM15
Belt : Sungei Wang, RM12.90
Necklace : Diva, RM17 i think when it was on sale, now they have increased the price already.

I am probably gonna start my detox plan next week, been procrastinating since December. Cynthea, are you still up for it? Let's do it together!

I think this has been the best week ever since I got back. Had a great time hanging out with my friends these past few days and then Felix also bless me with a DVD for the Xmas at Chang's hoho, thanks Felix! Most importantly, Allen bought me two BB cream from Korea! Ahhh...i'm so happy *jump jump* Thank you thank you..Appreciate it so so much guys..your name deserves to be in bold and bigger.

Okies, I'm gonna go watch Wild Child now, Joanna has just borrowed me the DVD!


Anonymous said...

can i have a free french manicure please? urs are so pretty! i cannot paint my own nails... it'll get messed up. and i also like ur earrings. polymer clay earrings rock! and ur clothes! u always look nice in anything u put on!

_Da said... pleasure! Bah, see when i give u a french manicure lol!

Anonymous said...

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