Prelude to Jakarta 2

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 hours before leaving the house...

then only I started packing ;)

1.clothes - check!
2. toiletries - check!
3. shoes for walking - check!
4. passport - check!

5. Chargers, camera cables n etc - check!
6. Ipod - check!

7.Most importantly, mooooolahs - check!
I am a millionaire now..don play play.

8. Play with Nicholas before i leave - check!

9. Update blog - check!

Okay gotta go now..better go finish my packing, daddy is yelling at me already!

Mwahhsss... I shall update soon :)


Hannah said...

Sempat blog lagik....

_Da said...

WA! Hannah first time comment! *clap clap ;)

Hannah said...


_Da said...

HAHAHAHAHa....not bad...faster u go update your blog abt aussie la auntie

Anonymous said...

astagah.. this woman ah. hahaha! anyways have a safe trip babe! and HAVE FUN!