Top ten things to do in Jakarta

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I just search the net on the attractions of Jakarta and guess what I found on the top ten things to do in Jakarta.
* Top-Rated Attractions
1. Fatahillah Square (Taman Fatahillah)
2. Sea World
3. Sunda Kelapa
4. National Museum
5. Maritime Museum (Museum Bahari)
6. National Monument (MONAS)
7. Taman Impian Jaya Ancol
8. Puppet Museum (Museum Wayang)
9. Museum Bank Indonesia
10. Ragunan Zoo

Errr...I think there's better places to visit there than just Museums and Taman gua? :/


K.Lo said...

ermmm... why do you think all the Jakarta rich aunties like to travel OUT of Jakarta? haha

got flea market or not?

Felix said...

haha... hilda u going jakarta?? go shopping malls loh like mangga dua, Taman Angrek and others... lolz.. and.. also.. can try the theme park Dufan. can also travel approx 2 hours to bandung.. try titbits and buy shirts from outlets.. haha..

i n d e n said...

yabaa..why all also museums and stuff? i bet the last time u went to our museum pun yeaaaaaarrsss back right? (or never before? LOL)

p.s: i heard bandung is a nice place to shop? go check it out! :) sia pn mau p jkt la if like thisss. ppfftt~! teeheehee~

p.p.s: have fun and safe journey!!


_Da said...

Klo: wuahahahha..true enough lol. not sure if there's flea market but there's only one mall that im hunting for ; Mangga Dua which sells a lot of cheap stuff woohoo.

Felix: Yes! I definitely wanna go Mangga Dua & Bandung hehehe. What is there in Taman Angrek? I searched online there say Tanah Abang not bad to shop is it true?

Inden: Hahahaha, yabah the last time i went Museum also yearsss back. And yes! Bandung is a great place to shop so i heard. There's a lot of factory outlets there ; ) I cant wait lol

Anonymous said...

you're going to jakartaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i miss that place. when's ur flight exactly? i wanna go to the beach and catch the sunset. lets do that next weekend please! like on saturday then we go grab a movie or something. i've not been feeling too well for the past week. after the food poisoning, i got mouth ulcers and seems like it's gonna stay for a while and bcos of that i'm getting slight fevers every now and then. ishhhh i hate being sickkkkkkkkk

Priscilla said...

just hit the mall babe...

_Da said...

Cynth! yes we should! Sunset would be awesome lol i miss doing that so much and after that prolly we could go catch a movie or someting. I am addicted to popcorn! Sorry to hear about ur food poisoining..hope u get well soon dear!

Pris : OF COS without a doubT!

Dayze said...

hey hilda! whoa talk about an impromptu trip! i hope you'll have a swell time there :)