Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jennifer Chung has just release her EP! *jumping up and down* Now I am just figuring out how to get my hands on it ;) If you have no idea who she is check out the video above already! Her songs are awesome and plus she write her own songs which I really admire for one.

CNY has been pretty quiet this year but it well spent with my darlings and all of us had a great time together. We spent a great amount of time together this week as by the end of this week all of us are gonna resume our lives back to normal - work work work and work harder than ever before which means lesser time together.

Nicholas dressed up as a moo moo this year ;)

The reunion on Saturday was great, I still havent manage to gather all the pictures from everyone yet so no full post about it yet hehe. But here's a group picture of us in white :)

All of us went photo frenzy as you can see as above.

Sing Yee brought along all her wacky funky hats and accesories and here's Joanna & I as a bunny and look I have a halo!

After the dinner, we then head on to Atmosphere the revolving restaurant ;)

Very short post I know, still lazy too blog :(


K.Lo said...

who is Jen CHung?
From FCC wan ah?

and DeeDee didn't go back ah?

_Da said...

Jen Chung is a korean girl residing di US. Nice right her songs??

Si Deet Deet only coming back this April. When u ballik?

K.Lo said...

May i balik... bringing my girlfriend again... :D but for one week only :(