Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nicholas is my 8 month old nephew. When he was still in his mummy's tummy the doctor did a scan and told them that it could be a baby girl but there's a possibility that it could be a boy as well :S

Anyhow, I kept hoping that it is a girl cause having a girl is so much fun! You could dress her up, tie her hair and do lots of girly stuff with her =) A month before the baby is due I asked mom if my brother thought of a name for the baby already and they said not yet why not I think of one? And there goes my creative ideas keep popping out so many names to give the baby how? Some of it were Kayleigh for baby girl and Lucas for baby boy(blame OTH for the name Lucas!) When I told Jer his immediate reaaction was like what? Lucas? Me, why what's wrong? Jer then replied, err..nolar just that Klo's dad name Lucas when you mention Lucas it's more like an uncle name lol =.=''''

The funniest one was my conversation with Sing Yee on what to name the baby and then she replied "Name him David Cook!!!!!" (that time she was in the 'David Cook' season craze) I was like astaga how God bless your children and their names cause you just can't name a child after a famous singer cause that would be like so weird~ Just then i remembered once i asked my friend Tommy why his parents name him Tommy and his reply was because his parents liked Tommy Page so much! =.=''''

Well back to the story, so last June the baby was born and his name is not Lucas but Nicholas. I didn't ask the reason why his parents chose this name but I am glad it was Nicholas and not Edison.


K.Lo said...

hahaha Lucas!

it IS uncle name la... lol
and then our next generation will think Nicholas is an uncle name and name their son Lucas... and then the cycle begins again and ends again... :D