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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Listening to : Brit & Alex - Let it go

5 more days to go! 5 more days for me to bum around and not think of anything. Aaaahh..the bliss of not working. Been spending the past weeks going shopping, movies, facials and the list goes on... why does time passes by so quickly when you're having fun?

Warisan with Cynthea

Okay so the thing is this, whenever i go shopping with cynthea each time i show her something she will go "nice!" and when I was in FOS with her I pointed at this ridiculously ugly silver metallic top and she also went "nice!". =.='''

I've been craving for Japanese food for like weeks already and when I saw there's a newly open Sushi King in Warisan, I went berserk.

Cynthea has lost a lot of weight and look she's glowing now!

Her diet? Minimize on carbs and exercise! and of course falling in love helps a little in her losing weight process.

Weeee! Me and my new sunglasses ;) so I can bergaya in Phuket *wink wink

Wisma Merdeka/Bella Italia with Dee & Vin

One of our favourite places to have dessert is in Bella Italia. They serve the best chocolate goey pudding and also Panna Cotta! my <3<3<3.>

Dee didn't like this picture and she will kill me if I post this up but there's no other nicer pic of hers here so I guess it's okay! not like she reads my blog and that she's gonna find out hehehee


Random shots.....

Me wearing Vin's glasses! Okay I don't know why I post up this pic I look like auntie here but for the sake of entertaining you all I don't mind.


Our first try with this...it's ice cream covered with chocolate powder and peanuts. Not nice.

Was a little dissappointed this time at Bella Italia because the price has increased from RM9 to RM12 already! Not only that the portion is also smaller now! How sad..

Okay I better go finish up my article though I am dreading it cause I'm so lazy! Okay I will die if my editor is reading this and finds out I am blogging instead of doing my work :/ Well mr editor if you're reading this then HELLO! *waves

I still have tons of pictures to post..more like silly pictures so stay tuned! I will be back..


Anonymous said...

eh that pic showing u with glasses on..... really look like auntie lo..... but the only difference is that u r a cute + hot auntie la..... hehehehehe

bah c u later!

Hannah said...

I miss bella italia...

_Da said...

cynthea : ahahahaha yah i know! haihs..nvm la suda biasa take silly pics like this malu also tak rasa suda.

Hannah: come back come back!

Joanna said...

hahaha!!!!! u look real funny with that specs!!! haha!!!!!!!!!!!! bangga lagi tu u post the pic hehe :p

Anonymous said...

eherm cynthea u seriously r looking good.keep up the good work.for my record when i was in love i gained weight...MAHAI


xrothe said...

Ui woman, why you be such an ass and post pics of KK. Make me miss it only :/

_Da said...

hahahaha i know...KK ROCKS!