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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sawadeeekaa everyone. Greetings from Bangkok.Before i say anything else i would like to say coming to bangkok alone is not the bad afterall and it is actually quite fun and much nicer actually cause i get to go where i want and do whatever i like. I am now blogging from Emporium Mall..long story of how i ended up here and blogging instead of shopping. Not in my itinerary at all to sit down here and online and damn expensive somemore. Sigh... but my bro in law wanted to come here and meet with his frens and i had to tag along. If i knew i would've chose to shop alone in Pratunam but ANYWAY, lets talk about other things.

My first day here was TIRED cause i only had like few hours of sleep and then i had to go to the airport already. Immediately when i reach the hotel i fainted and had few hours of sleep. My plan was to get my hair done at the er nearby saloon. I went to the nearby mall and I went from level 1-6 to look for a saloon and there is none. I literally walk the whole mall desperately looking for the saloon. Halfway through was thinking if i should just go ahead and shop instead but i was so adamant in getting my hair done i actually decided to take a cab to another mall instead. Reach MBK and i was so happy that i finally found hair saloons!!! Sadly the quotations i get for hair extensions is all so expensive like 700 bucks @.@ I was so sad whenn i hear that cause i think i spent 2 hours just scouting for a place to get hair extensions. Not even in the mood to shop at all in Bangkok can you believe it.

So at the end..i took the road less taken and went out of the mall to look for a saloon and i found one! Now i have long long hair ;)

Okay lar gonna go now.


Joanna said...

really??!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna c!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha!!! funny la u.... anyway, enjoy ur trips and cant wait for u to come back!!!!! oh yeah... come back means start working.. hehe... orites la!! take k there ya! :) miss ya!

Anonymous said...

take lotsa pics cos ill be waiting for ur posts

Anonymous said...