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Saturday, May 9, 2009

GREETINGS from KL! Did you guys miss me???? Not like i've been away for so long anyway but just 2 days here i miss KK already. I know some of you might wanna slap me for being so dramatic but it really is hahahahhaa. I'm only here for 3 days and i tell you the schedule is crazy. I am so sorry i cant meet up with some of you as it really is hard. Had to accompany my parents to meet up the uncle aunties and then theres the pre-dinner before my sis wedding and etc. Cant believe the wedding is tomorrow already!!!

Yday i went to Ikea and i had the DAIM cake finallyyyy and it was awesome possum. I wish i can lug a dozen back. My skin isnt adjusting well to the air here ugggh..i am so paranoid okay i keep patting millions of stuff on my face its crazy. One thing i miss being here in kl is the ppl here all dresses up! its so nice you know eyeingn on what ppl wear and stuff the fashion here and all..ANYWAY gotta go! heading to Pavillion now bye bubs! MWAHSSSSSSS

BTW, theres a launching party for the magazine im working for Bandwidth on the 23rd let me know if u wanna come k!!!




Anonymous said...

so the wedding's today, u must be super duper excited! have a great time k!

Joanna said...

yeah!!!!!!!!! send my regards to both ur sis n bro in law!!!!!!!! congrats to them!!!!! hehehe....... yer... i wish i can go lor.... :p haha! okla... enjoy ur shoppingss!!!!!!!!!! :)