Why does weekend passes by so...fast

Monday, January 19, 2009

There are 4 songs that i have been listening over and over again over a million times for the past few weeks.

1.Metro station - Shake It
2.Lady Gaga - Just dance
3.Neyo - Closer
4.Akon - Right Now

I love weekends! Cause that is when my gurlfrens and family are free to layan me and bring me out go shopping and yamcha till wee hours in the morning. However, weekends always seems so short! The moment you starts enjoying it is the time when you go uh oh its sunday night already..shucks. Ah well, I guess the good news is that there is always another weekend coming along! :)

Random pictures from the weekend

Yumcha with the girls at Maple cafe

Sing Yee & Racheal

Sing Yee & Chu

Chu & I

Nicholas! This boy is getting rounder and rounder each day.

Ahh..my new found love introduced by Sing Yee..so addictive!

P/s: Ah..so annoying I just realised the comment button in my blog is not working. Trying to figure out why now. Meanwhile, I am working on a super long post and hopefully I will get it done soon! Can't wait for the 24th..so exciting ;)

Goodnite everyone


Eleanor said...

Hey hilda! Thanks for the add in FB. We sama2 in in St. Agnes before kah? My memory very bad. and it's getting lousier these days.